Are you interested in helping to make sure aquatic invasive plants do not spread around Alaska? The following are simple ways you can help the management efforts!

*Pick up Elodea for your compost pile!*

Elodea is rich in nitrogen and other nutrients that could benefit your compost system. ~40 lb bags of Elodea will be available on a first come, first served basis during July and August as crews work to remove the plant from a portion of Chena Slough. Bags will be collected and dropped off each day at locations along Badger Road near where the crew is working. Contact FSWCD at 479-1213 ext 104 to find out where to pick up Elodea today. (starting the week of July 22, 2013)

How to compost invasive aquatic plants

Macronutrients in Elodea

 Upcoming Volunteer Events:

All Hands On Deck! Volunteers needed

The Elodea barge will be up and running at the end of July. Along with SCUBA support from Test the Waters Dive Shop, we plan to remove Elodea from the uppermost portion of the infestation in Chena Slough downstream to Repp Road using a suction dredge vegetation harvester. We need volunteers to help bag plant material and help ferry bags to and from shore! Small rafts or canoes needed also to help in the effort.

Call or Email Aditi at FSWCD.tech@gmail.com or 479-1213 ext 104 to sign up.

Elodea barge under construction at Chena Lakes Recreation Area

Call or Write to your Elected Representatives 

Inform an assembly member, your senators and representatives, the mayor, and others that invasive species management is important to you. We need support now! If we act now, we may be able to control Elodea before it spreads and impacts ecosystems farther downstream.

   Alaska Association of Conservation Districts Bureau of Land Management - Fairbanks District Office U.S. Army Corp of Engineers National Park Service Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District Alaska Department of Fish and Game