Ornamental Jewelweed


Ornamental Jewelweed (Impatiens glandulifera) Balsam family

Small infestations found in Fairbanks area - Report immeddiately if found! Call 479-1213

Annual herb with thick, many-branched, hexagonally angled stems which can grow to 10 feet. Stems smooth, multi-branched, with large swollen glands at the nodes. Lower leaves opposite, while upper leaves are whorled with three leaves to a node. Leaves lance-shaped, 6 inches long, from a stout petiole. Leaf margins finely, sharply serrated. Irregular flowers one inch in length, pink-purple to white, with five petals.

Rapidly clogs wetlands and streams. Prolific seed production and aggressive spreader make for difficult control. Unwary gardeners have contributed to its spread into Alaska.

Thrives in lowlands, riparian zones, and along beaches.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service UAF Cooperative Extension Service National Park Service Partners for Fish & Wildlife    Alaska Association of Conservation Districts Tanana Valley Farmers Market