Vetch Busters

The Fairbanks CWMA is sponsoring a program to get neighborhoods involved in getting rid of bird vetch. If you have a dedicated group of neighbors that would like to participate, please sign up! Vetch Buster neighborhoods will receive technical assistance to choose appropriate control methods, and may even be eligible to receive a cost-share to help cover costs of materials.

To sign up, fill out the form below (in word or as a PDF). Then email, or print and mail back, to the Fairbanks CWMA

Vetch Busters sign-up (adobe PDF)                 

Vetch Busters sign-up (word doc)         

View this presentation to earn more about VETCH BUSTERS

Weed Smackdown

The Weed Smackdown is a competitive weed pull that has been held for the past 3 years at the Tanana Lakes Recreation Area. In 2011, 13 teams pulled over 3,200 pounds of invasive plants! This event helps clean up habitat at local Fairbanks recreation areas and parks. The goals of this event are to help stop the spread of invasive plants while educating the community about the impacts of invasive plants, all while having fun!


Weed Cost Share with Fairbanks Soil & Water Conservation District

The Weed Cost Share is a program to help landowners manage their invasive plant or agricultural weed problems through technical assistance and a cost share for incurred expenses. Funds are awarded based on need, which is determined by the type of invasive species and whether or not you are an agricultural producer. Follow these simple steps to apply for the Weed Cost Share program:

1. Become a FSWCD cooperator, or confirm your status as a cooperator by contacting our office.

2. Complete the application and return to FSWCD. A pest scout will complete a site visit, and the information gathered will determine if you are eligible for the cost share, as well as technical assistance.

3. Follow the control recommendations provided by the pest scout - save your receipts!

4. At the end of the season send in your receipts, with a copy of this application and your control recommendation, and you may be reimbursed at a rate of 50%, up to $250, for the recommended methods of control.

*Equipment purchases will NOT be reimbursed through this cost share!



Sprayer Lending from Fairbanks Soil & Water Conservation District

Fairbanks SWCD has several sprayers available for use by cooperators. This includes a 3 point PTO boom sprayer, backpack sprayers, and an ATV tow behind sprayer. Contact Aditi at 479-1213 ext 104 for more information.


Resources for using sprayers:

Sprayer Calibration

Survey Projects

Fairbanks CWMA has participated in survey projects in recent years. Recent survey projects: European bird cherry along the Chena River, invasive plant survey at Tanana Lakes Recreation Area, survey of camps along the Tanana River, and an invasive plant survey of road crossings along the upper Chena River.

Survey data that is collected by the Fairbanks CWMA is entered into the AK Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse database and can be viewed on EDDMapS

Control Projects

The Fairbanks CWMA has prioritized several invasive plant species for control in the Fairbanks area. Most recently, we have worked to control the spread of perennial sowthistle from Fairbanks to more rural locations through the use of weed barriers and herbicide applications. Other current control projects involve these high priority species: Elodea, reed canarygrass, common tansy, and white sweetclover.


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